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New poll on Europe

David Green, 5 October 2004

A new poll carried out by ICM for the New Frontiers Foundation finds strong support for the idea of taking back power over trade, employment, and civil rights, and for creation of a new global trade and defence alliance. The full findings and an analysis are available at this link. It’s well worth a look.

1 comment on “New poll on Europe”

  1. For some reason I am unable to download this link but I don’t think I need to read it to re-inforce my opposition to our membership of the EU.
    I and others have asked again and again for our political leaders to explain the rationale for our membership and have been met with a deafening silence. I recently had my attention drawn to a Foreign Office document, dated 1971, through which one gets a clue as to what it’s all about. The FCO suggests in this document that the purpose of our membership was to ensure that the UK retained a position of power and influence in the political and economic world by aligning itself with a much larger group.
    If that is the answer then I will gladly surrender our global position in return for the continued existence of the country I love. Until such time as our Europhile leaders come up with an explanation better than a desire to maintain our prestige, I shall remain determinedly opposed to our continued membership of the EU.

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