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John Locke Died 300 Years Ago Today

David Green, 28 October 2004

John Locke, the great defender of the English Revolution of 1688, died 300 years ago today. Click here for an explanation of his contribution by Professor David Conway.

1 comment on “John Locke Died 300 Years Ago Today”

  1. You might be interested to know that “Samizdata” is blocked out by Dudley metroplitan borough council:”Surf Control. Access Denied”. However, one can easily access “The Socialist Workers” site, order publications and even become a member in Dudley libraries.
    I have had several disputes with this council who refuse to look into this censorship and biases in favour of certain political groups.
    The leader of the council, a Conservative, even wrote saying they have a duty of care and he supports this! He probably has not heard that the Conservative party is supposed to uphold freedom and democracy.

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