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Lansley’s plans could set the NHS back by up to 3 years

Civitas, 10 July 2010

Moves to transfer commissioning responsibility to GPs could cost the NHS its £20 billion efficiency savings target, and worse

The coalition government’s White Paper on the NHS is due to be published next week. It is widely expected to outline plans to hand control of as much as £80 billion of resources in the NHS from Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) to consortia of GPs.

Analysis released today by Civitas suggests such moves are likely to:

  • Lead to at least a one year dip in performance in the NHS in absolute terms.
  • Set the NHS back at least three years relative to what could be achieved without any structural change.

Read the full report and press release, here and here.  For ideas for what the government should be doing, return to the blog tomorrow.  Also, have a listen to R4 World Tonight (10 mins 55 secs in).

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