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The West, Islam and Islamism now out on Amazon Kindle

nick cowen, 13 March 2012

The West, Islam and Islamism by Caroline Cox and John Marks is a systematic analysis of the ideology of Islamism and its relationship with the West. The authors distinguish between Islam as a religion, and Islamism as a totalitarian doctrine that resembles other extremist doctrines of the 20th century, including Marxist communism and Fascism. This second edition includes exhaustive evidence of the radical ideals that travel under the banner of Islamism.


Waterstone’s Bookseller wrote: This Civitas pamphlet provides one of the best-researched and most detailed assessments yet on the clash between Islamism and Liberal Democracy in the post 9/11 world. Everyone has an opinion on this topic – read this and yours will be more informed than most.

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