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Has a better lifestyle reduced cancer death rates?

4 February 2016

Although more people are being diagnosed with cancer in the UK each year, due to an increasing and ageing population, the overall death rate from cancer is reducing. Such is the upbeat conclusion to be drawn from figures published by Cancer Research UK today, to mark world cancer day. In short, cancer is becoming less… [Read More]

The EU red card could hurt UK interests as well as help them

2 February 2016

One of the main achievements David Cameron is claiming from his renegotiation talks with European heads of state and the EU Council President is a new red card system for national parliaments. It seems that if 55% of parliaments (those of 16 countries) vote against an EU proposal then it will be stopped. At first… [Read More]

Why would nurses choose to work in London?

7 January 2016

Unlike for other professions, where there are far more employment opportunities in London than elsewhere, nurses are almost always in demand regardless of geographical location as people get ill every day across the country. So why choose to work in London if vacancies exist nationwide and living costs in the capital remain astronomical? According to… [Read More]

What do we mean when we ask ‘Can Britain survive Brexit?’

23 December 2015

This question, or variants of it, has already been posed many times in the EU debate. Lord Rose and Sir John Major, both key Remain voices, have said that we could survive Brexit. It is time to define our basic terms. We need parameters to discuss this survival. The most literal reading of the term… [Read More]

More evidence that staff levels affect weekend mortality

18 December 2015

The government’s promise of a seven-day NHS is in the difficult process of being realised. Health secretary Jeremy Hunt is trying to implement the Conservative party’s manifesto commitment to give more equal service provision throughout the week by focusing almost entirely on doctors’ weekend working hours, largely ignoring the necessary presence of many other professionals who are just as essential in keeping NHS… [Read More]

There are blockages in the health production line we call the NHS

11 December 2015

In a sense, NHS hospitals are health production lines. The sick patient is admitted, travels through the system and, unless beyond the help of modern medicine, should emerge in far better health at the other end. However, at present this production line has major problems. Some say that the line is manned by insufficient numbers of de-motivated staff. Others say that funding shortages limit production and hinder… [Read More]

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