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- 'Industrial Policy: Lessons from the North Sea' (December 2013, PDF)

- 'The British Car Market and Industry' (January 2013, PDF)

- 'Thinking in decades and centuries' (March 2012, PDF)

- 'From the Big Society to the Good Society' (February 2011, PDF)

- 'Time for turning?' (January 2010, PDF)

- 'Octavia Hill and the environmental movement' (April 2009, PDF)

- 'Another Child Matters - Bridging the middle class baby gap' (August 2008, PDF)

- 'Why the NHS is the sick man of Europe' (March 2008, PDF)

- 'Crime in England and Wales: More Violence and More Chronic Victims' (June 2007,       PDF)

- 'Market Liberalism After Thatcher and Blair' (January 2007, PDF)

- 'Supplementary Schools Edition' (December 2006, PDF)

- 'How France Has Undermined the European Project' (August 2006, PDF)

- 'Power to the people: the case for Direct Democracy' (June 2006, PDF)

- 'Propaganda or Public Service Broadcasting?' (February 2006, PDF)

- 'Why History Remains the Best Form of Citizenship Education' (July 2005, PDF)

- 'The Private of the Buffs' (March 2005, PDF)

- 'Paying Twice' (December 2004, PDF)

- 'The Government’s New Community Cohesion and Race Equality Strategy'
   (September 2004, PDF)

- 'Charles Murray: Human Accomplishment' (June 2004, PDF)

- 'Public Fear of Crime Exaggerated – Or is it?' (January 2004, PDF)

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