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Across this site you will find a series of balanced single-page factsheets on the EU. The topics concerned range from introductory overviews to more detailed sheets on particular EU institutions or aspects of EU policy, such as the European Court of Justice (ECJ) and the single market.

EU Facts is:


EU Facts has been researched and compiled by Civitas, a non-party think-tank, and refereed by experts from both sides of the European debate.

Tailored to A-level curricula.

We received advice from a panel of teachers to tailor the resource to: Citizenship, General Studies, Politics & Government, Economics and Business Studies curricula.

Electronically cross-linked.

The fact sheets are designed to enable the reader to choose how far they wish to delve into the EU. The fact sheets are divided into different categories (see the menu on the right-hand side), and have been purposefully written in a reader-friendly and accessible style.

Regularly updated.

The EU is ever-evolving and when developments occur relevant fact sheets are altered to account for any significant changes. You can see what date sheets were last updated at the top of their page.

More Factsheets

EU Worksheets

EUFacts now includes a series of worksheets containing questions and activities to increase students' knowledge of the EU as a political institution and develop awareness of its impact on them as both British and European citizens. These can be accessed through the EU Worksheets homepage.

EU Updates

Monthly summaries of events within the European Union. They incorporate political news and policy developments that are of direct relevance to students' A-level studies, or simply of interest to casual observers of the EU. These can be accessed through the EU Updates homepage.

A complete list of the browseable single-page factsheet titles is available here. To print a particular factsheet, we recommend that you download the pdf version of the sheet (via the ‘download’ link in each individual sheet).


The best way for us to improve this resource is by receiving your comments. If you do have any feedback, please do send it to us at: euproject@civitas.org.uk.