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Constitutional and Legal Reform


Publication: Strasbourg in the DockStrasbourg in the Dock: Prisoner Voting, Human Rights & the Case for Democracy
- Dominic Raab, April 2011
Normal price £6.00, pp.62
ISBN: 978-1-906837-211
The ruling that convicted prisoners have the right to vote has put the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg at loggerheads with the UK Parliament and, hence, the will of the British people. This was reinforced in 2011 when backbenchers of all parties rejected enfranchising prisoners in a free vote. In this forensic examination, Dominic Raab, MP for Esher and Walton, explains how the infamous Hirst ruling undermines the express terms of the Convention agreed in 1950.

Also available on Amazon kindle.

Publication: Total RecallTotal Recall: How Direct Democracy Can Improve Britain
- Nick Cowen, December 2008
Normal price £7.50, pp. 114
ISBN: 978-1-906837-013
Members of Parliament have traditionally enjoyed total legislative supremacy in the United Kingdom, able to pass or rescind any law of the land. Most citizens of Britain probably think that this is still the case. However, in this worrying examination of the dilution of the sovereignty of parliament by its own members, Nick Cowen shows how they have slowly ceded their powers to ministers, government agencies and the European Union.

Also available as a PDF. See also written evidence submission (2012) on Government proposals to introduce a Recall of MPs.


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