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The EU: Education Resources for Teachers and Sixth Formers

The fundamental purpose of the EU Education Project is to deepen public understanding of the EU institutions that govern us and to promote political awareness and debate about the EU among students. Over the past 6 years the EU Project has worked with over 700 schools and teachers. We believe the EU should be taught objectively; that students should be presented with the facts, arguments both for and against the EU, and allowed to form their own opinions. To this end we offer the following services for FREE, to assist both teachers and students:

Events on the EU for Sixth Formers

  • We manage a nationwide network of MPs, MEPs, business leaders, journalists and activists willing to talk about the EU in schools. Talks can be either EU sceptical or pro-EU depending on what view you think your students would benefit from hearing. We also provide debates on the EU between pro-EU and EU-sceptic advocates (in conjunction with the European Movement). Debates can be used as a broad introduction to the EU topic, or as a focus on specific curriculum areas such as the CAP and the Eurozone. For further information on our programme of talks and debates for schools, including request forms, resources for organising and event and frequently asked questions, please click here.
  • Events Testimonials: Photographs, transcripts and feedback of EU talks and debates we have arranged for schools this academic year.

EU Resources

  • EU Facts: a series of balanced and comprehensive factsheets on the European Union tailored to A-level curricula. An excellent resource to use in class or for preparation ahead of visiting speakers.
  • EU Worksheets: EU Facts' complementary worksheets containing questions and activities to test students' knowledge of the EU.
  • EU Updates: monthly summaries of developments and key events from within the EU.
  • EU People Profiles: key information about leading individuals working in the EU.
  • The Eurozone Crisis : A comprehensive look at the recent Eurozone problems and the subsequent bailouts. (Currently being updated.)
  • EU Conference: Notes on Civitas' insightful lectures and engaging debates as part of the 2009 EU sixth form conference.

  • Compare the EU today with the Europe described in the official government publication for the 1975 referendum.

We also offer low-cost publications on the EU at our ONLINE BOOKSHOP.