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EU Project Manager: Anna Sonny
Past Project Managers: Wayne Ives, John Butters, James Gubb, Pete Quentin, Claire Daley, Natalie Hamill


Will James

Dr. Charles Robinson

Sarah Gracey

Aneurin Brewer

Kate-Zillah Sharpe

Amelia Knott

Giles Thomas

Gregory Lowe

William Thavenot

Pippa Knott

Marta Kowalska

Edmund van der Byl-Knoefel

Cem Suleyman

Laura Kelleher

Judith Gollata

Claire Mullarkey

Lara Natale

Kyial Arabaeva

Luke Clark

Nicola Di Luzio

Ariane Poulain

Ahmed Mehdi

Stephen Clarke

Sophie Weidenbach

Zbynek Loebl

Specialist Referees

Anna Arki (the European Movement)

Dr. Martin Bond

Hugo Brady (Centre for European Reform)

Richard Corbett MEP

Chris Heaton-Harris MEP

Rodney Leach (Chairman, Open Europe)

Ian Milne (Global Britain)

Dr. Richard North (Bruges Group)

Ben Patterson (European Movement and former MEP)

Lord Tebbit

Expert Teacher Panel

Peter Allott, St. Benedict’s School, London

Paul Bargery, Hugh Christie Technology College, Tunbridge Wells

James Dixon, Marlborough College, Marlborough

Judith Eatwell, Prior Park College, Bath

Graham Goodlad, St. John’s College, Southsea

Kim Kovacevic, London Oratory School, London

Julia Payne, The Perse School for Girls, Cambridge

Graham Sharpe, Ratcliffe College, Leicester

With thanks to Lord Willoughby de Broke, Ruth Lea and Stuart Sexton for their help and advice. With thanks also to Anna Arki at the European Movement for their support coordinating the refereeing of the factsheets.



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