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The EU: Talks and Debates for Sixth Formers

So that students have the opportunity to hear a full range of views on the EU, and to engage in genuine debate about its nature, Civitas offers a nationwide network of speakers for schools.

Our speakers come from across the political spectrum, and include politicians from the Labour Party, the Conservative Party, the Liberal Democrats and UKIP, as well as top business people, journalists and political activists.


Talks on the EU

We maintain a panel of nearly 200 speakers who have often taken a public position on the EU, but they share our concern to ensure that school talks are delivered in an objective, independent spirit. If schools want students to hear two competing opinions on a single day, then we can organise a debate.

Debates on the EU

In conjunction with the European Movement, we organise debates in schools between pro-EU and EU-sceptic advocates to enable your students to become more directly involved.

Request a talk or debate

To request an EU talk or a debate on the EU please download one of the following request forms and e-mail it to our Europe Project Manager, Anna Sonny.

EU Talk Request Form
EU Debate Request Form

It is not necessary for students to have any significant prior knowledge of the EU, but we do encourage teachers to do some preparation with students in order that they get the most out of the event and maximise opportunities for interaction. To assist you, Civitas has prepared EU Facts, a comprehensive easy-to-use series of online factsheets on the EU for students.


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