“The best things about Civitas Schools are the small groups of children and very good teachers. The maths classes are fantastic for learning the times-tables and the work is brilliant.”

Father of two King’s Cross pupils


Aspirations are raised and confidence boosted as children diligently attend weekly two or three hour classes.

Inspirational teachers

We employ dedicated, experienced teachers who encourage our pupils to maintain high standards.

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Outstanding lessons

We help children to reach their full academic potential by concentrating on reading fluently, spelling accurately, nurturing a love of books and practising basic mathematical functions.

Excellent resources

We use Irina Tyk’s Butterfly Book, a highly effective synthetic phonics programme, to help the children learn to read fluently and confidently.

Older children use the Butterfly Grammar and textbooks from Galore Park and the Collins series.

Our teachers also design many of their own lessons and resources depending on their pupils’ needs. Each school has a book box to foster a love of reading in the pupils.

Small class sizes

Children are grouped by ability rather than by age, allowing each pupil to work at their appropriate level. We provide at least one teacher for every ten children. Support teachers work with individuals who require more intense support and benefit from learning in a one-to-one environment.

High standards of behaviour

We have high expectations for excellent behaviour, courtesy and a calm learning environment. The children sit in rows and complete their work individually, rather than in groups.

Partnership with parents

Parents supervise the completion of homework tasks and play a key role in synchronising our reports with those from their child's full time school. Our teachers provide parents with regular feedback, both informally when children are collected at the end of classes and formally in end of term reports.

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