“She has had an incredible journey of learning and has enjoyed it so much!”

Mother of a Kilburn pupil, following the 2015 Summer School.

Teacher Profiles

  • Isabelle Austin-Zimmerman

    Isabelle has taught maths and support English and maths at the King’s Cross Thursday, King’s Cross Regents and King’s Cross Saturday Schools since 2013.

    “I started teaching at Civitas Schools three years ago, while studying Biomedical Sciences at UCL. I now work in drug development during the week and teach maths at the King’s Cross Saturday schools. I really look forward to my weekly classes, it is so rewarding to see my students tackle challenging problems and become increasingly confident in their maths ability. Civitas Schools gives children an excellent opportunity to further their understanding of maths and English and it’s a real pleasure to be a part of the project. ”

  • Mark Hall

    Mark started teaching at the Kilburn Pears Saturday school in 2014 and more recently at the Kilburn Stationers’ School at the start of 2015.

    After graduating from King’s London with a Biomedical Science degree, he has taken up a post to train as an IT consultant in a large London firm.

    Mark understands the importance of receiving a high quality education from an early age. He extols the virtues that traditional teaching methods can offer to achieve this.

    “Teaching at Civitas has provided a tremendous opportunity to be involved in the academic development of some truly remarkable children. I particularly enjoy the moment of accomplishment when a difficult concept ’clicks’. I also believe in fostering a love of reading in children so they see it as a pleasurable pastime.”

  • Helena Cicmil

    Helena taught English at Kings Cross Thursday from 2012-2013, and since 2014 has been teaching English at the Macmillan Saturday School.

    She did a BA in European Social and Political Studies at UCL, where she's now completing an MPhil in Philosophy. She is a board member of the NGO, Thinking Development.

    “I find every week at Macmillan exciting and rewarding. We have 4 main classes and 2 support classes full of children who work hard to meet high expectations. It's fantastic to be involved in the development of their literacy skills and their growing interest in literature. I especially enjoy seeing the children diversify the ways they express their opinions and imaginations, grasp new grammar concepts and improve their weekly spelling test scores.”

  • Sarah Boyes

    Sarah has been teaching for Civitas since June 2006.

    Alongside teaching at a number of Civitas schools around London, Sarah is a freelance writer on literature. She graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Pembroke College, Cambridge.

    “I believe in the value of a rigorous subject-based education that demands the best from all children. Throughout my work at Civitas Schools, I have seen children work hard to meet high expectations, especially when introduced to more challenging topics from algebra to abstract nouns. In particular, I have enjoyed helping children to master their times tables and develop their written expression in English.”