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Paid Internships

We offer a small number of paid internships lasting between three and six months.

The positions are generally available for graduates who want to gain research experience, although internships are sometimes available for candidates wanting to gain experience in project organisation/administration. Research areas include education, healthcare reform, crime policy, housing and the renewal of manufacturing.

Our paid internship opportunities are individually advertised: please check for current vacancies and follow the instructions provided.

Voluntary Internships

Civitas has a limited number of places available for voluntary internships. Interns receive travel expenses but no wage: we encourage prospective interns to apply for internship funds offered by their university. Interns are allocated to a specific area of research, and given a project with measurable goals.

The standard period for an internship is four weeks, full-time. Part-time and shorter internships are, however, also considered, for example to accommodate combining an unfunded internship with paid work. Internship opportunities are available throughout the year, during term time and vacations, although there is greater demand for the vacation periods.

If you are interested in an internship please send your CV, together with a covering letter explaining why you would like to intern at Civitas in particular, with specific reference to our publications and philosophy, as well as the specific area(s) of policy you are interested in, to Jim McConalogue.


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