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Press Releases from 2022

Top jobs increasingly occupied by a new ethnic minority middle class

24 February 2022

Britain is seeing an emerging ethnic minority middle class according to new figures released today by the Civitas think tank. In a new report: “In defence of British openness: evidence and ideas on how we might think about a multiracial country” published today Dr Richard Norrie uncovers a more positive picture of multiracial Britain in 2022 than many commentators believe: Almost a quarter of British Indian and Chinese workers (24 per cent) are in the…

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Use Brexit freedoms to make Northern Ireland a super low-tax pharma manufacturing ‘freeport’

18 February 2022

The EU is capitalising on UK taxpayer-funded research and development in new drugs by attracting big pharma companies to set up factories overseas with the promise of low taxes. This analysis by the Civitas think tank uncovers £10 billion of annual lost pharmaceutical exports through ‘uncompetitive’ taxes levied on pharma companies. The report shows how major pharma giants use UK taxpayer-funded research and development spending to develop new drugs and then shift production…

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Top Brexit economist predicts £69billion boost to UK economy from new trade agreement – 37 times higher than official figures.

4 February 2022

Government modelling of benefits from Free Trade Agreements ‘miserably low’ according to Professor Patrick Minford, well known Brexit economist. Government figures ‘biased’ toward EU and against the rest of the world. In a major new analysis of Government Free Trade Agreements signed in the wake of Brexit, Professor Patrick Minford sounds the alarm over official modelling which dramatically under estimates the benefits to the UK economy from these deals. Professor Patrick Minford, one of the…

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