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The EU Education Project

The aim of the EU Education Project is to encourage informed debate about the EU among students. We believe that students should be given the opportunity to form their own opinions. However, many of the existing educational resources lack balance.

With this in mind, the EU Education Project is attempting to provide a degree of objectivity. During 2009-2016 we provided talks in schools and arranged debates on the EU, in conjunction with the European Movement, which involved both pro-EU and EU-sceptic advocates.

Alongside this, we have compiled an educational resource for A-Level students and teachers on the EU, called EU Facts For Schools, that is available online. This consists of over 100 factsheets, developed in conjunction with a panel of expert teachers and refereed by both sides of the EU debate to help ensure balance. Containing factual information and arguments for/against various aspects of the EU, we hope this resource will help the many teachers who have pointed to a dearth of good-quality education resources on the EU for A-level subjects.

About Civitas

Civitas was formed in 2000 as a politically non-partisan think-tank. Our research agenda includes heath, education, crime and family policy, as well as other issues including social cohesion and civil society. The underlying purpose of Civitas is to deepen public understanding of the legal, institutional and moral framework that makes a free society possible. Our work is described here.


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