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Iceland 1 – Turkey 0

Yesterday (27th July), EU foreign ministers agreed to open accession negotiations with Iceland, just a year after the country formerly applied for membership of the EU, writes Natalie Hamill. The move coincided with David Cameron’s first visit to Ankara, where he lamented the lack of progress on Turkey’s candidature and identified himself as the “strongest… [Read More]

EU Commission reaches same conclusion … for the sixth time

On Tuesday the EU Commission criticised  Bulgaria and Romania for their lack of progress in reforming their judicial systems, and for their failure to deal with corruption. This is the sixth time the Commission has reached this conclusion, writes Natalie Hamill.

Especially for EU

Valery Giscard d’Estaing explored the idea that Britain should be offered a ‘special status’ within the EU at a conference held in Westminster on Monday, writes Laura Kelleher. The former French President and author of the EU constitution reaffirmed his commitment to European integration, but suggested that British opt-out clauses should take the form of… [Read More]

The EU’s Art Attack!

The new, all singing and all dancing, EU visa is on its way! (Available exclusively for the artistically oriented.) Yes. It is official – artists are the latest minority in need of greater EU protection. Apparently, they battle wanton and excessive bureaucracy as they strive to make their gigs / exhibitions on time, writes Claire… [Read More]

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