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Press Releases from 2018

The fight against violent extremism should start in religious education classes

25 May 2018

A new Civitas essay calls for the teaching of Nathan the Wise in schools to promote mutual tolerance and understanding between those of different faiths Religious education should be better harnessed to combat violent extremism, a new Civitas paper urges. Rather than focusing on the teaching of ‘British values’, R.E. lessons could draw on the teachings of different faiths to promote shared values and mutual tolerance. David Conway, professorial research fellow at Civitas, suggests…

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Land reform could save billions on the cost of a major council housebuilding programme

29 March 2018

The upfront cost of an affordable housebuilding programme could be reduced by more than a third through reform of the land market, a new analysis by the cross-party think tank Civitas shows. The bill for building 100,000 homes could fall by about £9 billion if councils had the power to acquire land at fairer prices. Such a programme would fill the gap that has been left in the housebuilding market since local authorities…

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Boost productivity with a new national investment bank

16 February 2018

A state-backed investment bank should be set up to plug the shortfall in lending to small and medium-sized businesses and help tackle the challenge of poor productivity in the UK, a new Civitas report urges today. Investment in the UK has fallen from about a quarter of GDP in 1990, when it was broadly in line with that of other developed economies, to just over 16 per cent - well below that of most…

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Pro-Brexit voices drowned out in BBC news programmes, new analysis shows

24 January 2018

Pro-Brexit views have been under-represented on flagship BBC news programmes for decades, a new report published today by Civitas shows. While a large section of the population have long supported the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, and a majority voted for it in 2016, their views have been heavily marginalised in the Corporation’s news output. For instance, of 4,275 guests talking about the EU on BBC Radio 4’s flagship…

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