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David Green, 7 October 2004

In an interview with Le Metro today French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin says, “for the first time, Europe has a shared Constitution. This pact is the point of no return. Europe is becoming an irreversible project, irrevocable after the ratification of this treaty”.
For some other revealing insights into the real motives of some of the European elite take a look at the Vote No campaign website.

1 comment on “Irreversible”

  1. There seems to be a large measure of unanimity amongst Europe’s political leaders but I am still looking for just one of them to answer my question: “WHY?”
    This question has been posed to our own political leaders time and time again and has always been sidestepped. As a nation we are entitled to ask PRECISELY what benefits we can expect to derive from this political union and why the surrender of our national identity and an annual cost of possibly as much as £40 billion is considered to be worthwhile.

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