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British manufacturers that offshored to China stung by rising labour costs

nick cowen, 2 July 2012

Many offshored British manufacturers are realising that they are better off in Britain than in China, according to a new Civitas report. In The Boomerang Economy, David Merlin-Jones examines the increasing number of UK companies, which expected to benefit from cut-price labour in China, deciding to bring production back to the UK.


1 comment on “British manufacturers that offshored to China stung by rising labour costs”

  1. This article just gave me an idea of how economy works. This is an informative review of the state of the British economy. Thus, the economy of a certain country greatly depends on the management of its resources. May it be the economic system of the country, its labor, its capital, its production or creation of goods, its trade, its distribution and any other factors affecting the growth of its economy. Furthermore, the role of the government in assisting its people with the view of productivity is important.


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