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Longer working hours, fewer staff available? The post-Brexit NHS

28 June 2016

The first thing to be quite clear about is that the NHS is not going to get another £350 million a week to add to its budget. Such a figure ignores the money that the UK receives back from the EU in rebates, reducing the figure by at least £200 million. The balance would have to be shared by… [Read More]

Would the NHS be safer without the European Working Time Directive?

15 June 2016

As the EU referendum draws near and the possible repercussions for the NHS following a British exit become a polemical topic of discussion, it is pertinent to ask what issues might most affect the NHS? One piece of legislation affects the NHS more than any other: the European Working Time Directive (EWTD). Introduced in 2009,… [Read More]

Post-Brexit trade negotiations will be less fearsome than imagined

13 June 2016

By Michael Burrage Roberto Azevêdo, the WTO’s director-general entered the debate about Brexit in an interview with the Financial Times. It attracted wide media attention partly because he issued a stark warning that ‘pretty much all of the UK’s trade [with the world] would somehow have to be negotiated.’ And also because his bluster seemed… [Read More]

The NHS needs to train and retain more doctors

2 June 2016

The NHS needs more doctors. Each year the General Medical Council (GMC) registers 23,544 doctors as being fit to practise. It is a telling statistic that while over 8,000 of these newly registering doctors come from abroad annually, British universities train as few as 6,000 new medics. This number reflects a limit imposed by the Department of Health… [Read More]

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