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The NHS needs to train and retain more doctors

2 June 2016

The NHS needs more doctors. Each year the General Medical Council (GMC) registers 23,544 doctors as being fit to practise. It is a telling statistic that while over 8,000 of these newly registering doctors come from abroad annually, British universities train as few as 6,000 new medics. This number reflects a limit imposed by the Department of Health… [Read More]

Are ministers quietly watering down their housebuilding ambitions?

27 May 2016

The latest housebuilding figures published this week were a significant moment in the life of this government, as they provided the first meaningful progress update against its ambition to build a million more homes across the parliament. They showed that after the first of five years, output is a long way off target. There were just… [Read More]

The NHS cannot continue its Bear Grylls style survival mission

12 May 2016

The NHS is the Bear Grylls of healthcare systems around the world. As with the insect eating survival guru, no matter how far into crises it is plunged, until now, the system has always managed to survive, by pulling one trick after another out of the bag or by securing yet more government money to… [Read More]

£2.4 billion more for the NHS’s gatekeepers

21 April 2016

In the words of Maureen Baker, chair of the Royal College of GPs, the government’s announcement of an extra £2.4 billion of funding for general practice is ‘the most significant announcement for our profession since the 1960s’. This initiative will raise the total expenditure on General Practice from £9.6 billion to over £12 billion (a… [Read More]

In charging runners to use parks, councils are shooting themselves in the foot

14 April 2016

The £116 billion spent on NHS services this year is a colossal sum of money. It needs to be due to the huge demand for healthcare from Britain’s unhealthy population. Because of this, although budgets in other government departments, including local government, have been substantially cut, the NHS’s has been expanded, and will need to be every… [Read More]

UK will be marginalised if it votes to stay in EU, says John Longworth

12 April 2016

The biggest certainty ahead of the EU referendum is that Britain will be marginalised by the eurozone if it votes to stay in, John Longworth warned today. Mr Longworth, the former director general of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), told a Civitas seminar: “The things that the prime minister says, incorrectly, will happen to… [Read More]

Slave People or Free People – the real referendum choice

11 April 2016

In our revolutionary century a monarch was overthrown in 1649, a republic was tried out until 1660 when it was abandoned in favour of a restored monarchy, then the monarch was overthrown again in 1688 and parliamentary democracy established. The great writers of that era, such as John Milton, James Harrington and Algernon Sidney, interpreted… [Read More]

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