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Restoring a Nation of Home Owners

Restoring a Nation of Home Owners: What went wrong with home ownership in Britain, and how to start putting it right

Peter Saunders, June 2016

After almost a century of continuous expansion, the rate of home ownership in Britain has fallen from 70 per cent of households in 2000 to fewer than 65 per cent today. Among the under-forties it has dipped alarmingly. This book asks what has caused this decline in home ownership, why it matters, and what might be done to reverse it. The spread of home… [Full Details]

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The Housing Question

The Housing Question: Overcoming the shortage of homes

Daniel Bentley, March 2016

Something has been going wrong in the British housing market for some time now. The problems that have accumulated are manifold – home ownership is falling, social housing waiting lists are growing, overcrowding and homelessness are increasing, to name a few – but the bottom line is that housing has become increasingly expensive for everybody. Too much money has been chasing too few homes, and affordability has… [Full Details]

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The Future of Private Renting

The Future of Private Renting: Shaping a fairer market for tenants and taxpayers

Daniel Bentley, January 2015

The private rented sector, which has undergone a remarkable renaissance over the past two decades, is becoming increasingly central to considerations about the housing market and the benefits system. Four million homes are now privately rented in England, accounting for 18 per cent of all households. The sector has doubled in size since 1989 and contains more households now than social housing. Owner-occupation is… [Full Details]

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Finding Shelter

Finding Shelter: Overseas investment in the UK housing market

David G Green & Daniel Bentley, February 2014

Overseas interest in the London property market has grown in recent years. The capital is now one of the most attractive property markets for international investors all over the world. Foreign buyers are chiefly interested in costly central London properties, on which they spend billions of pounds a year, but the impact ripples out to the suburbs and beyond. The new-build market in central… [Full Details]

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